Choose your Driver.

The Luxury of Relationships

Bluecar is an app that lets customers choose their driver and build relationships in the on-demand ride-hailing market. 

The project was underfunded and is now on hold. Bluecar is expected to return in 2023 under the name Private Drivers Inc. with new and better functionality and an established nationwide network of top-tier professionals so that you can use it anywhere from day one.  

If you are looking for a private driver to improve personal safety and security in your travels, fill out the form below including they city you need a driver, and we'll make an introduction. 

Thank you for understanding,

Jeff Hronchek, Founder

Your Choice

Ping whoever you want. Choose based on the vehicle, the ETA, or the guy behind the wheel.

Standard Rates

Whoever you choose, the price is the same and is comparable to high end ride-share categories.

Professionals Only

Each driver meets regulatory standards as a luxury vehicle-for-hire. 

How it works

Drivers are arranged from Nearest to Farthest. The Blue number is their ETA.


  • Limit yourself to drivers who can meet your schedule

  • Look for your favorite driver(s) first 

  • Tap a profile to request

Are you looking for a Private Driver?

Start with the time/date of when your next trip will be (i.e., when you need the recommendation by), then fill out the 6 questions to follow. We'll email you the contact info as soon as possible.