Driver Agreement


The best work comes out of great relationships. Honesty, respect and gratitude are the keys to a great relationship and therefore we have an interest in treating you with these values at all times. As much as legal documents are important, what truly binds us together is our common mission; the achievement of which can be reached more effectively in a relationship of mutual trust and respect.


With the recent precedent of disruption and disrespect towards black car drivers from technology companies, we understand that earning your trust will take some time. So let us take the first step on that journey by introducing ourselves.


Who We Are

CSR reConnection Technologies is a software company founded by drivers in the luxury black car industry. We are your peers. We are not interested in building another rideshare platform, or adding to the disruption of the transportation ecosystem. Neither are we doing this in hopes of trading our careers in transportation for careers in technology. Rather, we are advocates for the black car industry, and we are interested in creating a solution that will bring the luxury market back to prominence, stabilize black car companies and careers, create new jobs, and put the black car industry back on the leaderboard.


Like you, we were adversely impacted when well-funded technology companies changed the rules of engagement, created a new appeal to our customers, and took them to a place we didn’t have the tools or technology to follow: the on demand marketplace. That is why we created Bluecar; a platform that empowers black car companies to take their services into the on-demand marketplace and compete on a leveled playing field for the business of on-demand customers.


What Is Bluecar

Bluecar is a first-of-its-kind platform that takes the most attractive elements of ridesharing and blends them together with the elements of the black car industry that made it the most premium in the world. On Bluecar, you are able to represent yourself, your own company, and your own brand in the same system where your peers are also doing business. Like the scheduled side of your business, the foundation of Bluecar's model is customer-choice. Riders choose whomever they prefer, enabling you to earn more business by earning the choice of more on-demand riders.


Because it is a networked environment, and because we are a platform that will, one day, host more than 10,000 private companies like yours around the country, Bluecar takes customer loyalty very seriously. Our system tracks customer loyalty to ensure everyone receives fair compensation. Through our system, you become a stakeholder in any customer you personally bring to the platform through an in-app referral; whether a current customer, a former customer, or a rider you converted from a competing on-demand platform. As a stakeholder, you earn a Royalty on every ride that customer takes through Bluecar, forever! As they travel and use Bluecar, no matter which driver or driving service they use, you’ll get a piece of the action; like farm-out that you didn’t even have to coordinate!


How We’re Different

When you do business on Bluecar, you operate under your own company’s operating license and insurance. That enables you to use the platform with complete business autonomy without being supervised or controlled by an outside party. Using your own licensing enables us to make Bluecar available in all 50 US states! And that means, regardless of your location, you can be a true entrepreneur; get your company into the on-demand marketplace, start nabbing on-demand riders who return to you when you’re available, retain a piece of each fare when they travel or when you’re just not available to take their business, and more.


Entering the on-demand marketplace though Bluecar means entering a multi-billion-dollar marketplace where your greatest competitor is a taxi, or an inexperienced part-time driver who has a day-job somewhere else, and only drives as a side-hustle. As professionals, that should get you excited!

Our Mission

We built Bluecar to restore order to the black car industry and to each independent business who is a part of it.  Our very simple and straightforward mission is:

to strengthen your business autonomy, give you seamless access to the on-demand market, and give you the tools to take business away from the non-professionals who flood your streets and clog up your airports.

This is your industry, and we are committed to building a world-class technology platform that ensures you are able to regain control of it.

The Handshake Agreement

When you do business on Bluecar, you are doing business as yourself. As such, you understand and agree that

  • you will operate using your company’s operating license and commercial insurance

  • you will maintain your business identity and your business autonomy

  • you will represent your own company’s name and brand.

Furthermore, you understand and agree that​

  • you are not a “Bluecar Driver,” an Independent Contractor for Bluecar, a Sub-contractor for Bluecar, or an Employee of Bluecar.

  • you are an independent business entity.


In exchange for you maintaining the liability of your own independent transportation service, we agree to provide opportunities that are consistent with business ownership. We agree to host your business in an open-market environment enabling you to access on-demand customers, build an on-demand business, gain a Royalty ownership stake in customers you refer to Bluecar, and reap outstanding financial rewards that are associated with growing an on-demand business through Bluecar. We agree that we will not impede your ability to do business (i.e., no account deactivation or suspension) so long as you are doing it in a legal and ethical fashion, and in a way that does not harm the Bluecar's software, our reputation, or our ability to provide the same opportunity to other Drivers.

Bluecar does not claim ownership of riders. When you do business on Bluecar, you are not driving Bluecar’s customers. Rather, you are driving

  • your customers

  • customers who will become yours through the appeal of our technology

  • the customers of other transportation services when those services are not available

  • riders who are not loyal to any company, but who prefer to be able to choose their driver on-demand



The Official Agreement

Last Updated: October 9, 2018

The following states the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement between the named Independent Transportation Service (hereinafter “Driver”) and CSR reConnection Technologies, LLC (hereinafter “Bluecar”). This is only the Agreement.


For the Bluecar Policies and Procedures go Here,

For the Compensation Plan, go Here,

For Bluecar’s Privacy Policy, go Here.

For the Stripe Connect Terms of Service go Here

We track and process your platform earnings via Stripe Connect. As a condition of our agreement with them, we are required to have you also agree to the terms of the service they provide to Connected Accounts (i.e., you). However, certain of their terms will not apply to you since we act as a buffer between you and them. For example, we cover credit card processing fees for you, and therefore, you will never have a deduction due to a processing fee. Regardless, we encourage you to read their terms of service. By agreeing to this agreement, you are also agreeing to Stripe Connect Terms of Service. 

  • Policies Incorporated into Driver Agreement. This Agreement incorporates by reference the Bluecar Policies and Procedures, Compensation Plan, and Privacy Policy (“Policies”) in their current form and as amended periodically at the sole discretion of Bluecar. It also includes your agreement with Stripe Connect as amended periodically at the sole discretion of Stripe.

    The parties agree that good and valuable consideration exists for the Policies and Driver Agreement in the event that he or she decides to continue operating under the then amended Policies and/or Driver Agreement. It is the responsibility of each Independent Transportation Service (“Driver”) to read, understand, adhere to, and ensure that he or she is aware of and operating under the most current version of the Policies. The most current version of the Policies is available online through the Bluecar Driver Website. Any amendments to the Policies shall apply only prospectively, not retrospectively, shall be communicated directly to Drivers via email, and shall be effective fourteen (14) days after online posting by Bluecar. Bluecar reserves the right to amend the Policies in its sole discretion. By executing the Bluecar Driver Agreement, each Driver agrees to abide by all amendments or modifications made by Bluecar. The continuation of a Driver’s on demand business through Bluecar following the posting of amended Policies, including but not limited to Driver’s acceptance of compensation under the Compensation Plan or acceptance of discounted services (“Services”), shall constitute acceptance of all amendments to the Policies.

  • Integrated Contract. Together the Driver Agreement and the Policies, as they may be amended, constitute the contractual agreement (“Contract”) between Bluecar and each Driver. The Contract sets forth the entire agreement between Bluecar and the Driver and supersedes any and all prior oral or written agreements or understandings between Bluecar and the Driver, including any representations by Bluecar not explicitly made in the Contract or in official Bluecar publications. The Contract may not be altered or amended except as provided in the Policies as amended from time to time or by other written notice by Bluecar. Should any discrepancy exist between the terms of the Contract and verbal representations made to any Driver by any Bluecar employee, the terms and requirements of the Contract will prevail. Should any discrepancy exist between the terms of the Bluecar Driver Agreement and the Policies, the terms of the Policies will prevail, unless otherwise provided in the Policies.

  • Policies and Provisions Severability. Any provision of the Contract that is judicially invalidated or otherwise rendered unenforceable in any jurisdiction is ineffective only to the extent of such invalidation or unenforceability in that jurisdiction, and only within that jurisdiction. Any prohibited, judicially invalidated, or unenforceable provision of the Contract is severable and will not invalidate or render unenforceable any other provision of the Contract, nor will such provision of the Contract be invalidated or rendered unenforceable in any other jurisdiction. In the event any provision of the Contract is deemed invalid or unenforceable in any particular proceeding, such provision shall be reformed to effectuate its original intent and purpose to the fullest extent possible.

  • Requirements to Register your Independent Transportation Service. In order to do business on Bluecar, you must:

    1. Operate or drive for a luxury transportation for hire service in any of the 50 U.S. states;

    2. Prove the legitimacy of the for-hire service you work for by uploading your company’s official documents into your driver profile

By creating a Driver account and logging in, you acknowledge your understanding that you must adhere to the Bluecar Policies, which are incorporated as part of the Contract. Providing false information in your Driver account may result in the immediate suspension of your Driver account until the issue is corrected.

  • Rights and Privileges of Drivers. Once you create your Bluecar Driver account by uploading your company’s documents, the Driver enjoys the following rights and privileges that are continuing in nature, and regularly supplemented and updated to enhance a Driver’s business opportunity (further detailed and defined in the Policies):

    1. To do business on Bluecar under one’s own company brand;

    2. To earn Commissions on each trip;

    3. To earn Royalty Fees on trips your referred customers take;

    4. To participate in the Bluecar Compensation Plan and receive commissions, royalties, and bonuses, if eligible;

    5. To receive Bluecar communications, market research and literature;

    6. To enjoy limited license to display and use Bluecar trademarks, trade names, or corporate logos upon Bluecar approval.


  • Drivers are Customers. Drivers are customers, not independent contractors and not employees of Bluecar. Drivers may not do anything that would lead someone to believe that he or she is an employee or an agent of Bluecar. As a customer, Drivers are responsible for the following:

    1. Operating as an independent business by maintaining proper licensing and commercial insurance to cover riders under their care.

    2. Going online /offline to indicate availability

    3. Conducting the day-to-day business; and

    4. Reporting to the IRS any income earned from Driving.


The services performed by you, as an independent Driver, are performed pursuant to the Contract between you and Bluecar, and such Contract provides that you will not be treated as an employee with respect to such services for Federal tax purposes.

  • Use of Logos, Trademarks and Copyrighted Material. Bluecar owns all Bluecar trademarks, trade names, logos, and copyrighted images and content. Drivers may not use Bluecar trademarks, trade names, or copyrighted images without express written approval from Bluecar. Drivers have a limited license to use approved materials and logos to promote their on demand business through Bluecar, which are made available through the Driver Website.


The Beta App

Bluecar version 1.0 is a Beta release. In order to get the app to market, we have released it with a limited number of features. This is just the beginning of what we will build over the next several years.


As a user of our Beta app, you understand that there may be glitches, errors, bugs, and features that you would expect to be there, but are not. You understand that tose issues may cause inconvenience to you or your business resulting in the need to contact Bluecar customer support to report the issue and have it corrected. Furthermore, those errors may cause a trip to capture the payment incorrectly or incompletely. As a Beta test user it is your responsibility to make note of the start and end location of each trip so that, in the event of a technical error, we can correct the payment to ensure you are paid in full for your delivery of service to your rider(s), and/or

Our Beta technology provided on an “as is” basis and without any warranty or condition, express, implied or statutory. Technology errors are a part of Beta testing. If you do not wish to participate in Beta testing simply refrain from using the technology until we announce our official app launch. Even after the Beta phase is complete, errors may still occur. Whether Beta or otherwise, contact Bluecar support and we will make every effort to correct any issues.


We do not guarantee and do not promise any specific results from use of the Bluecar or that a particular customer will choose you to be their driver. Our research has shown that customers make on demand choices based on 1) proximity, 2) vehicle class, 3) brand loyalty, and 4) a pre-existing relationship they might have with a driver. That means,

  1. even if a rider prefers you, you may still miss their business if you are too far away

  2. even if you are the closest, you may still miss the business to a driver they prefer more


It is up to you to earn the business of riders on Bluecar by being preferred, and by being available and reasonably close to the requesting rider.



We do not guarantee your ability to receive Services at any given location or time or that the technology will be error-free or will meet your requirements. Errors are not always caused by the app. A change in Wi-Fi signal, a loss of Data connection or a loss of location services may adversely impact your experience as with any on-demand mobile application. If you believe a trip has billed incorrectly, contact Bluecar support and we will make every effort to correct billing issues.