Dec 4, 2018

How I made $30 extra with Bluecar


This conversation was between me and a female customer of mine. She hired me to take her and a friend to dinner and a charity function, but didn't know when she would need a ride back home. Typically, I miss out on those return trips because my customer is afraid I will be asleep. But this time I got her business because she didn't have to call.

Basically, she hired me directly for two trips, and went through Bluecar for the third. I captured all 3 trips because she didn't have to risk calling me at a late hour.

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  • So, I have my own customers, but I've been working with UberBLACK for about 4 years. I'm being cut in April because, even though my vehicle passes as a Dallas Limo, it's not good enough for their new ridiculous standards. Anyone else in that same boat?