Dec 23, 2018

Upgrades and New Features


If you have an idea for a feature that would be a nice improvement, this is the place to say something. Remember, Bluecar is the app for the black car industry. If there's something that would make your business better or your job easier, if Bluecar could do it, make a comment describing it.


Also, read the comments first before commenting. If someone else has described your idea, give their comment a "like" so that we know how many drivers would value that feature.

Dec 23, 2018

I'd like to have a map that shows the customer's location in relation to mine so that I know how far away they are before I confirm the trip.

Similarly, an estimate of how long it would take me to get to them would be nice.

Dec 23, 2018

If a customer requests a ride for 1-3 passengers and 4 or more get in my SUV, I'd like to be able to mark that change so that the billing is correct.

New Posts
  • As with any new technology, there will be improvements that need to be made right away. Not just upgrades with new features, but also better ways to implement the features that already exist as well as critical issues that need immediate attention. If a feature is giving you trouble, describe it in the comments section. We'll focus on fixing the CRITICAL issues first, but, after that, we'll focus on the issues that are most important to you. So, if someone else has already commented regarding the same issue you found, give their comment a "like" so that we know which issues are most valuable to the most drivers.