Earn More Trips

With a Powerful Network.

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Imagine an app that lets you offer On-Demand Service as a Single Vehicle Operator. How? By having other Single Vehicle Operators back you up on the same app! 


Earn Automatic Commissions when someone else drives a customer you invited

Network Effect

Pick up extra trips from riders who did not find their favorite driver nearby 


Grow a following of customers who like your service. Earn more ride-volume over time

Your Brand

Represent yourself, and your own brand so that customers know exactly who they are doing business with.

Bluecar is the first app that lets customers choose their driver. 


When you find a customer who wants to connect with you again on-demand, this is how you do it.




Bluecar is not a lead-generator. It is a "lead-capturer." As a group of independent drivers, we work together to bring riders to Bluecar

  1. from other on-demand platforms

  2. from the general public, and

  3. from existing relationships.

When a customer uses Bluecar they have the ability to choose their driver, which means you have the opportunity to grow a following of customers who seek you out on short notice. This makes it possible for you to generate higher earnings over time. 

No matter who the user chooses, 

  1. We collect payment from the customer through the app,

  2. We pay 75% to the driver who did the job, and

  3. We set aside 7.5% for the driver who brought the user to the platform.

Other apps pay a one-time referral fee. We share a part of each trip for life!

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There is no upfront cost or monthly subscription to use Bluecar. All accounts are free until a ride is requested. The rate is set by the platform and the fare is split 4 ways so that all parties are compensated for their involvement in the trip.

  • 75% to the driver who did the job

  • 7.5% to the driver got the user to download Bluecar

  • 3.5% to the credit card processing company

  • 14% to upkeep and improve the platform, and for customer support.

To be eligible for that 7.5% automatic commission, the customer must download Bluecar using your personal download link. Download links are generated by the icon on the right side off the driver home screen. When a user downloads the app from your link, their account connects to yours and you earn 7.5% of every dollar they spend on Bluecar through any driver forever!

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