A New Experience

A platform for drivers who want to earn your business

The Black Car Experience

Creating the black car experience takes more than just a nice car. In fact, it requires something that other on-demand platforms are not even equipped to offer; Customer Choice!

Customer choice means you can choose your driver. It means drivers have to earn your business. And it means you can build relationships through repeated on-demand interactions.


As you get to know your drivers - and they get to know you - you get to experience the lifestyle of millionaires.  You get to have "a guy" in the industry. A personal concierge. And, in time, perhaps even a friend of the family who adds far more value than just point A to point B transportation. THAT is the black car experience. And we bring it into the on-demand ride-hailing market at a price that is no higher than other black car rideshare services.

Choose Your Driver!

You don't have to settle for whoever is closest!


No more requesting and canceling. No more driver roulette! No more settling for whoever comes your way. Clearly view each driver profile first, and make your decision based on what is most important to you!

  • Company Name

  • Driver Name

  • Vehicle Make/Model

  • Response Time 


If there is one thing professional drivers love, it is their independence. That's why there are over 10,000 independent companies nationwide in the professional market. 

With Bluecar, you get to leave one card securely on file and use it to pay for service with any driver from any company that you choose wherever you go in the U.S.


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