Are You a Visionary?

Do you want to start your own Bluecar Community? If so, we want to help you make that happen. 

The Opportunity

As you know, Bluecar offers drivers 75% of each fare, AND another 7.5% when one of their invited customers gets a ride on the platform through any driver nationwide. But that's not the end of the opportunity. For a select few drivers and teams, we are offering up to 30% equity in the company! 

For just $100/month for 24 months, you can own 1% of Bluecar. For $200/month for 24 months, you can own 2%. And for $3,000/month you can buy into this software as a 30% equity stakeholder. At every level, being an owner means having a claim to the profits that this platform generates. 

Imagine the Bluecar network growing to over 10,000 black car drivers in 48 states, and each driver doing a very conservative 10 rides per week as a supplement to their normal business. That would lead to over $600,000 per week of revenue for the platform, or $31,200,000 per year! After expenses and operation costs, that would be a split of close to $20,000,000, or $200,000 for a 1% stakeholder. 

Of course, that assumes the company reaches that level, which will take teamwork and time. So, when you buy in at $100/month for 24 months, you also need to take an active role in recruiting other drivers, bringing in new customers, and making this network a huge success. So, be a leader! Put others to work. Leverage your customer-base. Be an influential part of the independent black car market and let's take control together!

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